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Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda

Kidneys are small bean-shaped organs that process nearly 190 liters of blood daily. They are responsible for the removal of waste products and excess water from the body. These two excretory organs produce toxin-laden urine that has to be thrown out from the body. Kidneys can sometimes develop complications, and the body starts swelling up and becomes sluggish. What is the ideal way to take care of the kidney and improve its functioning? You need to give a chance to natural treatments and take chronic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. More about kidney malfunction:

Waste removal helps the body function normally. Can you imagine what happens to the body if the wastes and toxins keep collecting in the blood?

· The kidneys' performance is hindered if the wastes and water keep building up inside the body. The toxins mess with body functioning, and the organs such as kidneys, liver, etc. start getting affected.
· Toxin build-up is one of the main reasons for nagging headaches.
· The body also starts feeling fatigued out and exhausted.
· The body swells up abnormally because of water retention and develops oedema
· The person may also experience stomach pain.
· Waste and toxin build-ups can also lead to the development of kidney stones.

You can say that the kidneys are one of the most adaptable, adjusting, and accommodating organs in the body. The disease and malfunctioning of the kidneys sets in long before any signs are revealed.


Reasons for kidney disorder:

The kidneys continue to perform their functions, but symptoms start to surface if the problem is not attended to for a long time. This is the reason for chronic kidney disease. Let us see the main reasons that put extra performance pressure on these bean-shaped organs.

1) Uncontrolled or high blood pressure puts pressure on the blood vessels in the kidneys. This is one of the primary reasons for chronic kidney trouble. At the same time, kidney disease can also raise blood pressure levels in the body.

2) Chronic kidney condition is often a result of another problem lurking in the body, such as diabetes. Very high sugar levels damage the blood vessels in the kidney. The kidney function is affected slowly, and with time, the kidney starts to give up. Thus it is imperative to keep the high sugar levels under control.

3) Other conditions like glomerulonephritis or kidney inflammatory infection permanently damage kidney function. This medical problem affects the kidneys' filtering system and is one of the main reasons for a chronic kidney disorder.

4) Sometimes the kidneys have the formation of growths or cysts that can disturb its natural functioning. Polycystic kidney disease is genetic and can leave the kidneys damaged in the long run if left untreated.

5) Kidney Malformations can happen much before the child is born or at birth. These developmental defects do not let the kidney perform its best and can lead to chronic kidney disease.

6) Autoimmune conditions also influence the performance of the kidneys and can lead to chronic kidney failure.

Millions of people die because of kidney disease. Do not neglect these excrete organs. Chronic kidney disease treatment in ayurveda is available. This treatment can rejuvenate and help the kidneys to perform better. To improve the kidneys' condition and functioning, you can try out the kidney care package offered by :

· Shatavari helps control the formation of kidney stones and also prevents urine crystals.
· Nagkesar keeps blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control.
· Punarnava and Daru Haridra prevent kidney infections. The herbs also help keep pain and inflammation under control.
· Chandraprabha helps keep the urinary tract, kidneys, and bladder healthy and free from infections.

Signs of chronic kidney disorder:

1) Swollen face, hands, and feet: Have you noticed under-eye bags or facial swelling? Chronic kidney conditions often show up as swelling in extremities and face. Some other medical conditions cause ankles to swell up. It is essential to get the diagnosis made by a professional before deciding the course of treatment.

2) Chest pain: Because of the malfunctioning of kidneys over a long period, human wastes are retained in the body. These harmful toxins start collecting in the bloodstream. They are then taken to different organs of the body. The waste deposits keep increasing, and when they start collecting in the heart region, it can cause severe chest pain.

3) Loss of hunger: people with chronic kidney problems lose their desire to eat. They feel bloated and full. Many times they lose their taste for food. This problem can be diagnosed with the help of an Ayurvedic practitioner so that it is not confused with anorexia.

4) Exhaustion and tiredness: Kidneys help in the production of red blood cells. If these RBCs reduce in quantity, it leads to anemia related fatigue. The different organs of the body do not get sufficient oxygen and start utilizing the leftover oxygen. The body gets deprived of oxygen/red blood cells and feels tired all the time.

5) Affects brain function: A person with chronic kidney disease can complain of confusion and lack of appropriate brain function. The brain also does not get proper oxygen because of the malfunctioning of kidneys, and this can lead to memory issues and a lack of concentration. New memories get affected, and the person stays confused and lost.

6) Shortness of breath: the wastes and toxins collected in the blood are deposited in the lungs many times. These harmful toxins affect lung function. Breathlessness, chest pain, and shortage of breath may leave the kidney patient in a lot of discomforts.

7) Burning and itching of skin: you may have noticed that chronic kidney trouble patients often complain of excessive skin dryness. They scratch the skin surface leading to wounds. The condition is due to uremia in the blood.

8) Nausea and vomiting: When the body starts collecting wastes and toxins, it has to be removed or excreted somehow. Many chronic kidney patients end up nauseous and vomit out excess waste.

It would be best if you kept your kidney health under all circumstances. It would help if you remembered that this is the only chance of getting rid of toxic waste substances from the body. So, make sure you say a no to smoking. You need to prevent repeated urine infections from keeping the urinary tract healthy. Improve the immunity of the body and to avoid kidney stone formation at all costs. Cleanse your kidneys regularly with nurturing foods and drinks. Prevent unnecessary bloating in the body and keep kidneys cleansed with Ayurvedic remedies.

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